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Customer Spotlight Feature



December's Customer Spotlight Feature is

Action News 6abc- WPVI Philadelphia, PA







Troy Bauer, works for Channel 6 News contacted us, and wanted a giant mug for an upcoming event. After working out the details with our team, he mailed the regular version cup to us so we could laser scan. The overall size of the mug was 5ft tall,CNC carved in EPS Foam and hardcoated in polyurea plastic for durability, and painted the mug. The vinyl graphics were then placed on at the end. Channel 6 ABC News was happy with the overall mug and Troy stated “The team at Dino’s is very helpful, responsive and great to work with!  The final product was a huge hit at a promotional event!”  

Learn more about Channel 6 News in Philadelphia, PA by visiting





November's Customer Spotlight Feature is

Scott of Celebration Bike Rental and Tours

Celebration Bike Rental and Tours


Celebration Bike Rentals Tours Foam Pumpkin


Scott, owner of Celebration Bike Rentals and Tours stopped by our studio and met with the Sales Team to create a custom enlarged pumpkin display. They were in search of a fall holiday attention getter. Our team designed this artfully playful giant pumpkin. Celebration Bike Rentals and Tours was voted #1 by Trip Advisor for Outdoor Activies in their area. The pumpkin was modeled in clay and then laser scanned to create a 3D Digital model. The 4 FT Foam Pumpkin was then CNC carved in EPS Foam and hardcoated in polyurea plastic for durability. Our expert team of artist did an amazing job airbrushing and bringing the pumpkin to life. 

Learn more about Celebration Bike Rentals and Tours and the services they provide at




  “The huge pumpkin far exceeded our expectations.  It looks amazing.  The return for our advertising dollars has been phenomenal.  People are drawn to it and love to take photos in front of it.  The response from everybody has been fantastic”

- Scott, Owner (Celebration Bike Rentals & Tours)


September's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Christine Dupont of Tupperware US & CA



Tupperware Custom Cardboard Cutout Standups for Tradeshows and Events


Christine Dupont, Senior Graphic Artist for Tupperware US & CA contacted our Sales Team for assistance with adding some interactive and engaging props for their Tupperware Jubilee 2019 Corporate Event. Tupperware, founded in 1942, is well known for their home product line that includes preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home. We were able to make over two dozen custom cardboard cutout standup props to stage around their lobby. Guests were able to interact and take photographs with the enlargements and they were a huge hit for the event!   


Learn more about Tupperware and the products they provide at




 "The props were a huge hit with our salesforce! It really helped enhance our event in a fun, unique way. Debi and Travis were very helpful and accommodating with our needs and tight turnaround."

- Christine Dupont, Senior Graphic Designer (Tupperware)


July's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Dalia Dawson of New Ballet (San Jose, CA)

new ballet


Large Foam Clock Prop Display for New Ballet Production in San Jose CA

Dalia Dawson, Director for New Ballet in San Jose, CA contacted us here at DR Prop Studios to produce an oversized clock for their Cinderella production.  New Ballet was founded in 2016 and provides exceptional ballet productions and a positive learning environment where dancers can grow and thrive. Dalia provided us with a rough napkin skecth and our team of professionals created custom artwork that was manufactured in EPS Foam. To capture the detail, the Roman Numerals were 3D Printed in PLA Plastic. The Foam Clock stood 5 FT Tall and was a beautiful addition to their stage production. The lighting effects took it over the top!  


Learn more about New Ballet in San Jose, CA at




 "We were thrilled by the clock prop produced by Dino Rentos for New Ballet's production of Cinderella. It exceeded our expectations and looked perfect on stage. The team at Dino's was able to take sketches created by one of our students and bring them to life on stage. This added a great deal of magic to our production."

- Dalia Rawson, Director (New Ballet - San Jose, CA)


June's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Cindy Herbert of Hoffmaster, INC

Hoffmaster      Aardvark® Straws - Made in the USA - Biodegradable - Compostable


Custom Foam Large Turtle Prop and Straw for Tradeshows and Conventions Displays


Cindy Herbert and Michele Moran reached out to our Sales Department in search of a show stopping photo-op for their booth at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, IL. Aardvark Straws, acquired by Hoffmaster, INC, is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly paper straws and the only manufacturer in the US. Our team worked closely with Michele and Cindy to capture their desired finish for the Large 5 FT Tall Foam Sea Turtle. This unit was digitally created from a 2D reference. The digital model was then CNC routed in EPS Foam, Poly Urea Plastic Coated and Sanded Smooth. Our artist finished the piece with an awesome realistic painting giving it the perfect look for the client's needs. We were thrilled to work on this project and sure it was the show stopper Aardvark needed!


Learn more about Hoffmaster and the services they offer at




“Working with DR Prop Studio was fun and easy.  From the start of our idea creation all the way through to shipping our finished sea turtle, the team at DR Prop Studio were with us every step of the way!  We could not be happier with the end result and love how realistic and happy our turtle looks.  Thanks DR Prop team!”

~Cindy Herbert


May's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Chad Meyer of bswift



BSwift Print on Foam Lightbulb Prop for tradeshows and conventions

Chad Meyer contacted our team on behalf of bswift, in search of a photo-op for their annual conference. bswift, LLC works hard to enhance their customer-centered benefits administration technology. We created a 6 FT Tall Print on Foam Lightbulb that was reinforced with a plywood base. The colors were printed in a vibrant PVC and applied to the front of the silhouette foam backing. 


Learn more about bswift and the services they offer at




“The bswift Idea Exchange logo brought to life as a 6’ foam lightbulb was one of the highlights of our annual conference! Our clients and guests snapped fun photos with it and posted them online with our event hashtag, #bswiftIX, boosting our social media presence. It was a fantastic conversation piece!”

~Chad Meyer



April's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Phillip Ramsey of Osteoremedies, LLC



Custom Foam Hip Spacer for Osteoremedies Tradeshow Convention

Phillip Ramsey, Sales & Marketing Manager at Osteoremedies, LLC reached out to manufacture a 3D enlarged replica of their new Remedy Hip Spacer System. Their vision is to be the premier choice for surgeons by providing simple solutions to complex disorders focused on revision and infection remedies.The Hip Spacer was being displayed at the 2019 AAOS Expo in Las Vegas. A 3D CAD model was provided for production. The unit was produced at 6 FT Tall. Our team CNC Routed the piece in EPS Foam. It was PolyUrea Coated, and Painted. Pin Uplights were installed, giving it the perfect finishing touch.  


Learn more about Osteoremedies, LLC and the services they offer at




“It was a pleasure to work with Dino Rentos Prop Studios, LLC. Their team made the entire design process from start to finish easy while also delivering the finished product by the timeline given. This was a project I expected to have more stress associated with but Dino Rentos’ team definitely helped alleviate that stress with their expertise.”

~Phillip Ramsey

March's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Judy Acosta of Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium Logo


Miami Seaquarium Print on Foam Prop for Tastes of Miami Event

Judy Acosta of Miami Seaquarium, out of Miami, FL contacted our team of professionals to produce an outdoor prop for their Tastes of Miami annual event. The Miami Seaquarium is a 38-acre oceanarium that houses sea life of all kinds. They attract over 500,000 people annually. Each year they host the Tastes of Miami. Judy contacted our team for assistance with creating an awesome photo op for their attendees. This Print on Foam Logo was carved in EPS Foam, polyurea coated for durability, painted in a vibrant color, and was applied a pvc full-colored graphic for branding. 


Learn more about Miami Seaquarium and the services they offer at




"We wanted to give our guests a unique photo opportunity. Dino Rentos Prop Studios and with Jennifer's patience, we accomplished a beautiful oversized prop of our event logo. It was a hit with our guests. 

You guys are amazing!

~Judy Acosta

February's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Kathryn Crimani of ADM Productions

ADM Productions Spotlight Feature


Commit Logo Shaw Flooring Network ADM Productions

Kathryn Crimani of ADM Productions contacted our Sales Team in search of a vendor to produce her client's logo for the Commit 2019 Shaw Flooring Network Tradeshow.  ADM Productions is an Event Management company based out of Port Washington, NY that provides clients worldwide with live multimedia productions.  The unit was CNC Carved in EPS Foam using a digital cut file. The logo was then coated in a PolyUrea Plastic Coating to provide a smooth finish. ADM Productions provided custom colors to add the perfect branding touch. Once the logo arrived to the tradeshow, an onsite artist added a beautiful collage of business cards. 


Learn more about ADM Productions and the services they offer at




January's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Claudia Hon of Precussionaire Corporation

Percussionaire Flow Ventilation

Foam Medical Device for Precussionaire Corporation


Claudia Hon of Precussionaire Corporation was such a pleasure to work with! Precussionaire Corporation is one of the country's leaders in Lung Conditioning Therapy. The team contacted us to manufacture an enlarged replica of their new Phasitron, also known as the P5. The unit was being exhibited at the AARC Congress 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Claudia and her team provided a 3D model that was used for production. The unit was 3D Printed in PLA Plastic and sanded smooth by our team of artists. The P5 was finished with a clean and crisp paint job and vinyl labeling, adding the perfect finishing touch to their unit. 


Learn more about Precussionaire and the services they provide at




"The oversized model helped our customers and clinicians easily visualize the new design. It made the product memorable and made it stand out in the show. The communication and response time by your company made the whole experience great!"

~Claudia Hon


November's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Tom Kaps of Flock Free

Bird Control Products for Agricultural - Pest Control from Flock Free


Custom Foam Table Cardboard Letters and Print on Foam Logo for Flock Free Tradeshow


Tom Kaps of Flock Free reached out to our Sales Team and to help produce some eye catching props to add to their Pestworld 2018 Tradeshow Display in Orlando, FL. Flock Free Bird Control Solutions is a family-oriented and operated business dedicated to the safe removal of birds, mosquitoes, and rodents from property.  Custom Foam Pop-Out Tables with acrylic tops served as tables to hold literature and meet with attendees. The 3D Cardboard Letters "FLOCK FREE" added an awesome WOW effect. The letters stood 6 FT Tall and 16 Inches Deep. Each 3D Cardboard letter was hand pressed, cut, and assembled by our produciton team. The Print on Foam Logo stood 6 feet tall and was an awesome centerpiece to the letters. The custom pieces were the perfect addition to the Tradeshow Booth Display and we were happy to help!


Learn more about Flock Free and the services they provide at




"Your team was easy to work with. People loved the booth. Thanks!"

~Tom Kaps


October's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Brian Sentif of Moskatels Michaels Stores

Image result for michaels logo


Custom Foam UFO Prop for Michaels Store Halloween Retail Display


Brian Sentif of Moskatels contacted out team in search of a UFO Prop for their Halloween Themed Retail Display. Moskatels is a division of Michaels Stores, the largest American arts & crafts retail chain. Brian and his colleague, Katie, worked closely with our design team to give the UFO and Rocks the perfect touch. Our team started with a 3D CAD File that was CNC Routed in EPS Foam. The unit stood over 6 feet tall. The rocks were sprayed in a concrete coated to give a realistic look and feel. The UFO was coated in Polyurea Plastic. The unit was finalized with an awesome paint job by our artist. The completed unit was displayed in Moskatels located in Los Angeles, CA!


Learn more about Moskatels and the services they provide at




"Awesome job Dino Rentos Prop Studios! We were kept in the loop through the whole process. Chris gave us progress photos along the way and we watched our creation come to life!"

~Brian Sentif (Moskatels/Michaels Stores

September's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Justin Morin of Atlas Oil

Image result for atlas oil logo


Large Foam Mascot Characters for Atlas Oil retail and lobby display


Justin Morin of Atlas Oil reached out to our team with the vision of bringing their mascots to life. Atlas Oil is one of the largest fuel distributors in the country. Our team was honored to collaborate with them on this project. Justin and his team provided us with 2D renderings of their mascots. Our design team created 3D Digital Models that we CNC routed in EPS Foam. Our team finished with hand carving the final details. The characters were then Polyurea Plastic Coated for durability and longevity. Finally, a custom airbrushed paint job was done to bring the characters to life! Each unit was manufactured at 3.5 FT Tall and attached to a Painted Plywood Base. We were excited about the final product and even more thrilled that Justin and his team loved it!


Learn more about Atlas Oil and the services they provide at





"We wanted to bring our two mascots, Sammy and Connecto, to life and found that working with Dino Rentos was as easy as working with one of our internal teams. The Dino Rentos team kept to the project timeline and collaborated with us on designs and color selections. The end result surpassed all of our expectations and are now proudly on display at our corporate office and satellite companies!"

~Justin Morin (Marketing Team/Atlas Oil)

August's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Heidi Meidinger of Pebble Drive-In

Pebble Drive In  


Custom Foam Cheeseburger Burger Prop and Display for retail restaurant outdoor sign


This 7 FT Tall Custom Foam Cheeseburger was requested by Heidi of Pebble Drive In. Pebble Drive In is based out of Herreid, SD. They are a family owned business that prides themselves on providing the freshest ingredients that keeps their customers coming back for more. Heidi contacted us with a clear vision of what she needed. She provided us with photographs of their cheeseburger and needed an enlargement to capture the attention of all who passed by. Our team of artist created a clay model that was laser scanned and then cut in EPS Foam. The unit was plastic coated with Polyurea Coating, spray painted and air brushed to provide realistic detail, and finished with a gloss coating. Steel was embedded to allow easy installment to their existing sign. 

Learn more about Pebble Drive In at



July's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 John Cullen of Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc.  

Pet Marketing


Hero Dog Toys Foam Replica Prop for tradeshows and conventions


We had the pleasure of working with John Cullen of Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. on an awesome product enlargement project. Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. works with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and smaller organizations to allow access to top level pet marketing talent. John worked closely with our team to perfect these large 4 FT Foam Dog Toy Replica Props. The props were displayed at the Orange County Convention Center for a Toy Tradeshow. 3D CAD files were provided. Each unit was sculpted in EPS Foam, Painted, and vinly graphics applied for the perfect branding finish.

Learn more about Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. and what they offer at




Dino Rento Studios helped bring my vision of giant dog toys to life. Their attention to detail, professionalism and overall creativity delivered an amazing product! We were a hit at two large trade shows. I highly recommend Dino Rento Studios for any high impact project.”

~John Cullen (Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc.)

June's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 My Favorite Company, Inc.  

Treat Street


Custom Foam Lollipoop Lollipop Character Prop for Tradeshow


 My Favorite Company, Inc reached out to us in need of Custom Foam Lolli-Poop Lollipop Characters. This was their first embarking in the foam world, and we are so happy they selected DR Prop Studios for the job! Our Customer Service and Production team worked very closely with them to ensure they were involved throughout the entire process. These Custom Foam Lolli-Poop Characters ranged in height from 4-5 FT. Sample Lolli-poop Lollipop Candies were provided for laser scanning. Each unit was sculpted in EPS Foam and hard coated for durability. PMS colors were selected for painting to give the pieces the perfect vibrant finish. 


Learn more about My Favorite Company, Inc and what they offer at



"The Lolli-Poops looked great!  Attendees lined up all day during the show to take selfies. It was a big hit. ​​​​​​"

~Mark Eisenberg (My Favorite Company, Inc)

May's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 The Jackie Robinson Foundation  

jackie robinson foundation
Large Foam Number Props and Displays for Banquets and Events

 The Jackie Robinson Foundation is a returning client who recently contacted DR Prop Studios for custom foam numbers. The Jackie Robinson Foundation is a national Non-for-Profit organization that focuses on addressing the achievement gap in higher education. We manufactured 6 FT Tall Foam Painted Numbers "42". The Jackie Robinson Foundation selected their desired font style and paint color. The Foam Numbers were displayed at both their Pop Up Conference Store and Annual Awards Dinner.


Learn more about The Jackie Robinson Foundation and what they offer at



“We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and dedication to detail shown by the Dino Rentos team in producing our 6’ tall “42” for our recent conference. The team provided great advice and support on everything from the best production methodology to shipping recommendations. I am already thinking of other projects to engage with Dino Rentos on!”

~La'Tonya Johnson (JRF)

April's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Monte Clair Greer of Smith & Nephew  

Smith & Nephew

Custom Foam Hip Implant for Smith & Nephew


Learn about Smith & Nephew and the services they offer at



"I really enjoyed working with the Dino Rentos Prop Studios throughout the process of creating our giant product models. The models were a huge hit at our tradeshow, and were photographed over and over throughout the event. Creating lifelike replicas with proper alignment was very important to us considering our surgeon audience, and DRPS nailed both. We’ll for sure be a repeat customer very soon."

-Monte Clair Greer (Smith & Nephew) 

February's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Brian Paul of Kindle Communications

Image result for kindle communications  


Learn about Kindle Communications and the services they offer at



“Working with the Dino’s team was a fantastic experience! Debi, our account manager, was incredibly helpful and made sure we were well taken care of. Dino himself collaborated directly with our team to ensure flawless execution. Chris and Pedro kept the team in the loop through every aspect of production. We were extremely impressed with the final product and will definitely use Dinos Rentos again for future projects.”

-Brian Paul (Kindle Communications)

January's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Lisa Juliano of Naples Children & Education Foundation

Image result for naples winter wine festival


Learn about The Naples Children & Education Foundation and the services they offer at



"The Naples Children & Education Foundation, founders of the Naples Winter Wine Festival love working with Dino Rentos and his team. Each year they are able to provide props for our charity wine auction that are outstanding—their quality and craftsmanship are second to none."

-Lisa Juliano

December's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 B.D. White


Learn about B.D. White and his beautiful artwork at



"I love working with Dino and his team. The quality they produce is second to none. I searched all over the US to find the right person to make my sculptures and Dino was the answer. They were even able to fix a major problem due to miscommunication on the statue just a day before it was supposed to ship and were still able to make the deadline! These guys are the absolute best! I'll definitely be working with them again."

-BD White

November's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Marcus Dresdner of OptiPak


Learn about OptiPak and the services they offer at



"These beautiful props made the perfect statement for our first time booth at the Vision Expo in Vegas, will do it again anytime’  you can change or edit the copy as you wish!"

-Marcus Dresdner

October's Customer Spotlight Feature is

 Ted McGreer


Large Foam Sneaker Shoe for Ted's Shoe & Sport Store


Learn about Ted's Shoe & Sport Store and the services they offer at