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Training / Firing Range 3D Targets & Props

Training / Firing Range 3D Targets & Props 



Using 3D Relief props allow for a more realisting gun range and training.  Full 3D props are perfect for training excersises where you interact with your set.  Ducking behind a mailbox or tripping over a curb can become real and provided a safe environment at the same time.  Our 3D foam props will absorb a round instead of boucing it back.

These total 3-D targets vastly improve the decision-making and realism in live fire, shoot house training.

Our training and range props are made of EPS foam and Urethane foam. They can be plastic coated for added strength.

Additionally, we can produce less expensive vacuum formed target and props.

Our clients include HHS, Sheriff and Police departments accross the country.

Any type of target from animals to full size tanks can be produced.


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